Preventing obesity

In all the articles on preventing obesity from ever occuring ,the one common theme that stands out is that by eating regular balanced meals and staying physically active people will reduce the chances of becoming obese.Now eating and staying active are not the only things that will cause weight gain,but they are a good place to start for anybody looking to prevent obesity in children or adults.

Why Preventing obesity is so important.

obesity can lead to a number of serious health issues such as,some forms of cancer,heart disease,ostearthritus and type 2 diabetes to name just a few,so it is an issue that we should be looking for ways to prevent obesity from occuring in the first place.

Food guide to preventing obesity.

1)The first an most obvious thing to to is to eat foods with a low fat content.
2)Eat a variety of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis,as they say 5 a day keeps the doctor away.
3)eat a good healthy breakfast containing energy rich foods,this is the most important meal of the day.
4)Eat meals that are rich in fibre such as beans,peas,lentils,brown rice and pasta as well as wholegrain bread,when it comes to breads,rice and pasta try and choose wholegrain where possible.
5)Keep a diary of what you are eating and ensure you are not eating larger portions than are necessary.

How to stay active to prevent obesity

Now most people will accociate this with going to the gym,however this is not the case as we can all fit some form of physical activity into our day.Go for a short walk at lunch time during the day,take the stairs instead of the lift,or just walk to the shop rather than drive.The advent of television has probably had an effect on the amount of physical activity that we undertake,so be carefull to not sit in front of a computer or television for to long,monitor how long you sit in front of these and slowly reduce the amount of time spent doing this,rather go for a half hour walk.

Preventing obesity in children

Parents should remember that they are role models for their children and as such if they have an unhealthy lifestyle their children will more than likely have the same kind of lifestyle and could lead to their children becoming overweight or obese.

Parents should encourage their children to partake in physical activity as much as possible.

They should encourage their children to have regular healthy meals and sit with them rather than laeving them to eat in front of the television,enjoy good quality family time together.

Encourage your children to get physical by taking up cycling or walking together as a family or just go for a swim together,this is not only good at preventing obesity or weight gain but will allow better social interaction between family memebers.


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